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Our circle has no beginning and no end; consisting of passionate music teachers. We all want the best for our pupils, this can only be achieved by joining together within the circle and taking on a life long learning journey full of discovery.

Our Circle


Our circle provides a warm, friendly online community for music teachers, just like you. We love being inside the circle and being part of something bigger.


Inside the circle we receive ongoing professional training and development, resources to support our teaching practice, business support, but most importantly - we are all in it together.


We all have the most important thing in common - a love and passion for music and teaching. We get to keep moving forward together, whilst sharing thoughts, ideas and building friendships.

We Would Love To See You Inside

If you feel like you want to be part of a community to share your thoughts and problems, whilst receiving professional ongoing training, joining The Music Circle is just what you need.

If you teach privately, are a member of school staff or have your own studio, you may often feel isolated. Our community ensures you always have somewhere to go, ensuring you are never alone. We must work together to ensure an outstanding music education is available to every child and ensure as a profession we join together.

We want to support you to teach pupils of the current age and ensure we provide them with the skills they require to take on a life long journey of learning. 

Let's get together and make this happen! We really look forward to meeting you inside the community.

The Music Circle blog will provide you with the latest information and research. The blog posts are great for music teachers, like you, to keep moving forward and keep up to date.
Our community is for music teachers, just like you, who want to develop their teaching skills and continue to discover fresh ideas.
Are you looking for new approaches or professional guidance on a specific topic. These courses will fill you with confidence.
These resources will support you with your teaching and ensure you provide pupils with a professional, inspirational music 
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