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We must work together to fight for music education and ensure every child receives the best possible music education that will take them on a lifelong journey of discovery.

The Music Circle will provide you with ongoing professional training, whether you're a classroom teacher, private teacher, teach for fun, or you teach at home, our circle is will keep you inspired and ignite your creativity.

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Music Circles are released each month within the community.
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Learn 4 Performance Approach - Resources

In order to achieve our vision, we must consider the all-round musician, pedagogy, an understanding of how we learn, a model where pupils can internalise and a curriculum where all learning is part of a bigger journey. We are not simply teaching pupils to read music or play a certain piece of music, we are guiding them to achieve mastery of their instrument and that is why Learn4Performance has a high impact level on progression and development.

Inside our community, you will have access to all of the Learn4Performance resources alongside guidance, ongoing training and support.

On top of this, we have a range of resources to support you with your teaching, professional development and running your business.

How extraordinarily exciting!

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